Key Roles of eduss

Key Roles of eduss®...

  • Adaptive Individualized Assessment
  • Full Built-in Common Core Curriculum
  • Creating Individualized Lesson Plans
  • Multi-grade Common Core Curriculum Scope
  • Identifies the Student's Level of Understanding
  • Identifies the Student's level of Knowledge
  • Accommodates Learning Styles
  • Intelligent Technology in Education
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The eduss® Difference

The eduss® software provides individualized learning plans for each student based on their multi-dimensional assessment. No longer will teacher’s struggle to keep up with all the varied learning rates of their students.

Classroom without K-12 Enterprise

General Learning Plan

Classroom with K-12 Enterprise

Personalized Learning Plan

Classroom without K-12 Enterprise

General Assessment

Classroom with K-12 Enterprise

Multi-Dimensional Assessment

What is the eduss® Technology?

The eduss® technology identifies the foundational levels of understanding and discovers a student's learning gaps. Already deployed and proven in thousands of schools and in homes, the complete eduss® education ecosystem covers all of the essential applications across the education spectrum which teachers need:

  • Differentiated Adaptive Assessment
  • Personalized lesson plans
  • Homework, practice and extended time-on-task
  • Real-time Progress monitoring
  • Automated Testing and grading
  • Integrated Student Learning Management System
the eduss technology

"A critical component of modern schooling is the desire to increase accountability. An Integrated Multimedia Teaching Assistant (IMTA) can readily identify individual deficiencies and deliver just-in-time education. Individual student progress is tracked and assessed in order to deliver the correct level of instruction as it is needed. EDUSS may be considered a leader in the IMTA market."

Dr. Linda Lohr - Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado